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My Wix Life Tour - Part I

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

We're taking Wix to the road, visiting various cities across Europe to reveal future Wix digital projects and deliver demos that show how to animate Wix sites, using the popular app on Wix, Rollover!

We'll be running a serious of hands on workshops at each pit stop, open to the techies and creatives amongst the communities.

The events will welcome partakers into the world of Wix, showcasing how and why Wix has surpassed 100 million users Worldwide.

First stop Lisbon

Web Summit's new home has used the global economic crisis to kickstart its startup scene. We're looking to connect with the vibrant and metropolitan creatives in this city, to explore the future of animation!

Next up Amsterdam

The city is home to an open and creative tech scene and numerous innovative companies. We're sure there'll be plenty of avid Wix fans here to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

Time for some sun in Split

Split has a steadily growing number of active small, private IT companies mainly thanks to outsourcing. So we feel this beach front beauty of a city will unlock some natural talent combined with those relaxed beach vibes!

When in Rome

Rome is the most important centre for startups in Italy, offering entrepreneurs and investors the chance to build new companies from the ground up and to connect with one another. We want to see how Wix connects the web designers of this romantic city.

We want to hear about as many Wix journey's as possible, please share yours at:

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