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Your first steps with Rollover 3.oh!

For first time readers, Rollover is the award-winning animation app for Wi.x. To help you started, we have prepared this quick-start guide.

1. Installing the App to Your Wix Page

There are two ways to do this.

1. Via the Wix App Market. - Just search Google For Rollover Wix App, and then follow the steps to add it to your site

2. Directly from inside the Wix Editor - Press, Add, then Image, then scroll to Related Apps and double click the Rollover Icon

2. Browsing Effects

Effects in Rollover 3.oh! come in packs. These packs all have different characteristics. Each pack has around 10 different preset effects. To choose one,

How `to`;

1. Click Presets,

2. Select a pack, then choose a style.. Then hit preview in the Wix editor to take a look. Please note that often, inside the Wix editor, the widget may appear to flash on first load. Do not worry, this does not happen on live sites but is a result of how the widget has to be passed into the Wix Editor. Live Wix sites don't suffer this issue, only in the preview stage, so select with confidence!

3. Customise your Effect

The elements you can customise, depends on your choice of Preset Effect. These elements are choice of image, or images, of overlay or background colours, of gradient fills, and of all the text elements.

The interface is split into start and end, and you can edit the settings for each stage of the effect when the tab is selected.

To edit something, such as colour filters or fonts, open the toggle switch and the options will fold out.

4. Edit the Settings

You can make changes to important functions and behaviours of your Rollover App inside the settings tab..

Depending on the pack, various options will be available..

Once you've got that, you've learned how to make edits to any element. The flow is the same, choose a view,

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