*Rollover 2 is in beta

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Welcome to Rollover 2
the most advanced animation app in the Wix App Market.


Rollover 2 is a huge update which brings a dozen new effects, and tons of improvements through the app. We’re on mission to bring advanced web animation to everyone.


3 packs of effects to inspire your creative soul


The Artisans


Try free for 14 days

You can try rollover free, for 14 days. We hope you love it.  After that, its $4.99 monthly, or get 20% with an upgrade to annual premium

Customize Dozens of Effects

From cutting edge to classic, and all fully customisable.

You have a suite of 30+ effects to choose from to bring your site to life

Design for Mobile First

We’ve done everything we can to ensure an incredible mobile experience.

Customise how your effects are triggered, define mobile specific elements of your site, customise fonts and widget size.


Add Stunning Full Width Responsive Strips

We didn't forget the desktop. Thats's where business gets done. Create full width responsive Rollovers! Beautiful, stunning animated strips and backgrounds for your Wix Site.

And rest assured, we've applied rules so your test always stays in the readable areas for tablets... that took some doing

what can you do?

of micro-improvements to rollover v1

Honestly, this was supposed to be a simple switch over to the new Wix UI Lib 2.0 In reality, it's been a complete rebuild. Everything, and we mean everything, is new

New - Advanced Layout Options

With Rollover 2, you can move you text around in any way you like. Choose a left, centred, or right sided option, and add padding to change the height and width of your text areas -  perfect for when you need precision with your design


New - Activate Effects with touch

We added the option to run the effect on button click, or touch - not just hover. This is perfect for touchscreens, meaning great sites work on the move

New - Add paragraph text

Rollover 2 Supports paragraph text up up 5000 characters, if you have a lot to say. You can define the layout, either; left, centre, right, or full justify.


New - Use Super Sharp SVGs


With Scalable vector graphics, Rollovers look sharp, no matter what screen you show them on. (nice)

New - Link to Anything
Use Wix’s advanced Link Picker tool to link to anything, documents, email, anchors, other websites, and make Rollover an integrated, interactive part of your site

New - Sophisticated Motion Blur

We’ve brought motion blur to the web - previously only really seen in movies, this advanced animation technique is used on some of our effects

NEW - Use HTML in Paragraph Text

You can now style your paragraph text inline using <strong> <em> and more. Embed Soundcloud, You Tube, and more

yes you heard right. 

Go Mobile First
let your users be amazed on the move

there's more

Improved Dual-Colour filters

Use the dual colour filters on your images to match your brand colours, correct any imperfections with the original photographs


Brand-New Knowledge base & support

There's 100s of articles on rolloverfx.wixanswers.com for everyone to see and use. Premium users can contact the team directly and are guaranteed a response within 24 hours, they can also request specific effects from the developers.


Connect Social accounts

Easily link up your social media accounts so you can access your images and use them in Rollover

Use Wix’s Photo Library

Use any of the 1000’s of high-quality images from Wix, for free, inside the app


New - Improved Mobile Performance

Now, the effects run to completion with a single touch, no more half-run effects. Plus, we sped up how the images load with pre-loading tools to ensure fast mobile animations every time.

New - Intelligent Image Optimisation

You can upload images of up to 15mb, and the Wix advanced image compression tools take care of the rest. We also resize the images you use, so no matter what size of screen they are viewed on

Plus we've optimised as much as possible, everywhere.  If there is ever a time the animation doesn't win, contact us

designed by people who love design

buy hey...despite all our plans
things break, and this is allll new.. 

If you see a bug or issue, we'll be on it like a flash.. let us know here