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An interns view

This summer, we took the plunge and took on two interns. Here's the view from Ope Aro, a media student from Edinburgh.

"Hello my name is Ope over the past three months I have been working as intern at We Are Digital Vision/Rollover. Its come to an end and in this blog I'll share with you my experience working as a content editor.

This is something I took a while to write after a week of reflecting on the varied role and what it was like working remotely. I’ll try to share my experience as accurately as I can so here goes.

The Kick off

The first weeks of the internship were simple video editing. I was tasked with creating clips from screen recordings effects on websites, combining the clips into a short video and writing a short blog about it. Here are a few of videos I made in the early weeks:

The early video was ok but looking back now were not as polished or cut into short clips since I was still learning at this stage how to use iMovie and QuickTime together. What I did to solve this was practice cutting and editing sample clips.

Stage 2: Creating Step By Step Videos

Once I had completed the videos showing user examples, I was asked to create a 'How To' video . Below is another video I created a couple of weeks later. The was the first video I had to redo after receiving feedback about an earlier version. I didn’t enjoy having to repeat the process because it took a while repeat steps for the tutorial.

What did I learn?

The main thing I learnt was to find a balance between how fast I need to work for some tasks and find a way to maintain consistency and quality with my work. This was the first time where I had to focus in a way that required me to work with time not against it if that makes sense. Here are a couple of things that I learnt.

I learnt a lot about the importance of iteration


Preparation is important I found that when I prepared and created a schedule that could start working on the tasks with any need to question what I was doing.

The Job

What does a content editor do exactly – Create content is the obvious answer but its more than that. For the role I did, web design, blog writing, animation, video editing so basically anything creative for the role. Its important to be adapt to each role and solve the problems that can appear.


What went well and what didn't?

"This internship also had its ups and down through out. I found it challenging a first to make video but in a few weeks I could edit and make videos quickly.

Its been great to work with a lot of creative freedom

"Another thing was that I gained a lot of experience with using Wix. Starting off I had very little experience of Wix but using over the three taught me more about web design and what. I really enjoyed a task where I was able to design a website from a pdf designed using Illustrator.

"One problem I did find was being available and responding on time. Contact isn’t always immediate when it comes to email or video chat there were times where I was waiting for something such as resource for a video or for something I needed I had to wait and there was nothing else I could do.

Final Thoughts

And that's it this end of the blog and my time working as an intern. Its been great to work with a lot of creative freedom and learn so much about the company, write blogs and becoming better a content creator. Its encouraged me to keep creating content and posting regularly."

- Ope

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