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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Rollover is featured in the WIx App Market 'Team Picks section, just after Button Magic was boosted in the same spot.

Button Magic has been selected by the Wix App Market team, in the 'Team Picks' page of the Wix App Market in April, and now Rollover, takes i't place in the featured list.

A little more attention - some brand new action

Rollover was an early success in the WIx App Market, included in the 'Best of 2014' awards. And now, the ever growing app is about to reveal something brand new., and unique to Rollover.

The Breakout pack has four styles that break your images into 3d shapes that morph with the users actions. It's pretty cool. for early access, click here

The Breakout pack is added to an already over-stacked app. Pick from cutting edge image morphing, or sleek animated transitions, from glitch, to smoke, to all kinds of geometric transitions that makes your site more interesting and engaging.

Rollover has always sought to plug the gaps in the Wix animation offering. Now, in the eighth year, a loyal customer base still loves Rollover, and we're ready to welcome the next generation of open minded web designers..


don't forget the little brother.....

Button Magic is the second app from We Are Digital Vision, following on from the successful Rollover Image Effects, the first animation plug-in that appeared in the Wix Marketplace in 2014. Button Magic launched in 2019 and now has a user base of thousands, all benefitting from the zero-code animated button animations we have to offer.

The original set of 12 effects was doubled in 2021, with the 6 reversible styles we added to the 2021 update. It's easy to add Button Magic to your Wix site

Button Magic is still just $2..99, with a 20% discount for an annual subscription. Get it now

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