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Announcing six new styles for Button Magic

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Our first major update to Button Magic comes in the shape of six new animations to brings sparks to your sites. Button Magic first came to the Wix App Market in 2019 with 12 fun and interesting styles to choose from. Now, we've upped the number of styles to choose from, with a free update coming in Q4 of 2021.

These styles are perfect for injecting some excitement at the precise moment


for party invitations

for baby showers

for weddings

for any event you can imagine

Button Magic will remain at $2..99, with a 20% discount for an annual subscription. Get it now EDIT EVERYTHING!

In the video example we've kept the colour scheme simple, but you can mix it up to your liking.

you can......

Change Fonts

Change Colours

Edit Background Opacity

Add a Link


How to Add: 1 Click here to go to the Wix App market then search 'button'

From inside the Wix editor - click App market and search Button Magic

or just search the web for Install Button Magic Wix

For early access to these styles, please make contact

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