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As the life cycle of Rollover version 1 ran it's course, sales were slumping. You'd expect that, after 3.5 years of the product, with only one major update.

The last few months, have been tough and as you can see in the chart below, after the peak in April 2017, the trend for upgrades was headed in the wrong direction.

We were acutely awake of this, and every day that the version 2 wasn't ready, was a day we wished it was. But it was worth making sure the version 2 app was ready and perfect for launch.

We had delays, this is software development, but actually, those delays worked for us as we were able to commit time to building and improving the product features, while techino

Now, since we launched version 2, interest has picked up again, and we enjoyed the second best ever week, we've had, ever.

We think that's worth shouting about, so here's the graphic...

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