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Internships 2018 - play your part?

We're going to have a good summer. 3 content creators, 2 Wix Developers, and 1 SVG Animator. We're advertising right now, via

What’s in it for You?

  1. Exposure - Your work will be on Wix, a world-class website building platform, with 120 million users. OK - exposure doesn’t pay the rent, but someone might see what you did, and you might get a job. A speculate to accumulate situation.

  2. Experience. - You’ll play your part in a small, dynamic digital business.

  3. Creative freedom - We have a brief and some guidelines, and we allow you to as wild as you like, you’ll enjoy the ability to have full control over the work you produce, with the guidance of an experienced mentor.

The Key Points

Three months, June-Aug 2018
Two hours, each day Mon-Fri
One-hour video call, every fortnight
Day to day comms over email / messenger
Remote. Own equipment required.

Don't get an intern, they said...

I've been warned off getting an intern, by more than one person - this week alone. But, i've also spoken with three people who found employment after completing this type of thing.

A learning curve for all of us..

I've never been an intern, I've never hired an intern. For a long time, I wasn't terribly pro-intern for all the reasons that make people dubious about internships. But, now I think I can offer something, and in turn give experience to those who are actually wanting it.

Expect the unexpected.

This is exciting, because it's being free-styled. We're working on making this as good as we can. And we have mapped out something we think is going to work well.

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