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Just when you think you're safe

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

But as of the moment that this blog post is being written, Rollover 2, has four, fresh, but thankfully related bugs.

We can rollback, of course, and I know this, so no biggie really, just right's broken.

Classic Timing

Earlier this week, we'd used a new guy to fix an old problem, the very final bug. It was this. Our classic packs effect now supports a X (close type) button, on every browser on earth, it works, but Safari on iOS? Nope. Problem. The browser would freeze up for a few seconds and users thought the app had crashed. It hadn't, it just didnt jun the JavaScript - for some reason that none of the guys who build the app, could figure out.

Result. In two hours, the guy came back with the code change, and the problem was solved.

Here's where I made the mistake, and this is why I'm writing this blog post - to share my lesson....

I relaxed. Big error.

When I checked the work on a live device, I could see the problem had gone. I was happy, relieved and then, finally I caught a nap.

But here's the thing, I did notice an unexpected behaviour, but it was overlooked as unimportant in my brain, due to the relief the final issue was done and QA3 was over.


So, I let two days go by, without further thought on the matter, only to be presented with the full effects of the change in their testing reports .

Another Day / Another Error

So, we think we have the solution. Rollback... but no. On the one hand, it's a good thing, we don't have to find another solution for the iOS bug. #smallwin On the other hand, we've now got console logs to check and hours into it, not a result.

Learning to handle setbacks is getting easier.

It's handling that feeling, when you're on an airport runway, and the pilot says, we've been delayed 20 minutes. Just irritating, not massively, but just enough. You know you'll be in the air soon.. but ..come on, you just want to take off.

Lesson 8

In a recent blog post, I wrote about 7 lessons I had learned, as we prepared to tackle Issue #31, and now.. a few weeks later, I have to try to apply those, and learn from this week's experience.

The world hasn't stopped turning, yes.. it's frustrating, this developer life.. but the lesson is that you cant know why everything happens, you can't control events, but you can learn to change how you respond to them.

The end result won't be affected by this minor setback.

Stay tuned

Update 22/4

Fixed. Thank F.

see it working flawlessly, here

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