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Keep on moving

If we've learned one thing, it's that development never stops.

We first conceived how Rollover 2 would work, in August 2016. That's when we began work on the product, and stopped updating Rollover 1.9. 

Had we known, v2 would take 20 months, we probably would have added more features to 1.9, as that app has not been added to at all since we took the leap.

You Live & Learn. 

And as such, we're now developing for 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3

Having a Road Map

Is amazing we even got to version 2. We've pretty much been winging everything so far, going off intuition and that enabled agile development.

It also meant we took a few wrong turns, missed a couple of junctions and got lost along the way once or twice.

Eventually, we made it to the finish line... only to realise we want to do more laps!

So, what's next:

2.1: Five cool feature for Summer 2018

1. Morphing Gradients - Combine 2 colours, and control how they move. Change start and end colour angles, and morph speed

2. Animated Text: Six styles of text animation, to make your headlines stand out

3. Ken Burns Effect: Add further motion to your Rollover with the classic Ken Burns effect. Control the time and blur levels. 

4. Brand New Vertical transition effects. So sexy, we cant wait to share them

5. Photo Library Integration - We can't say who with, (just yet)

The future

It's better for us to keep 2.2 and 2.3 features quiet for now, we wouldn't want to cause headaches for ourselves by overpromising.

It's possible to say that there will be more SVG effects, more text animations and the big plan is to integrate with the Wix Verticals when their APIs are developed fully.

Rollover 2 will be in the Wix App market on 25 April, 2018, for early access email
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