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Now, time to get busy

Our ambition is to make a tool, that's as powerful as Apple Motion, or After Effects, to the web.

With Rollover 2, we've taken a huge step toward that. But, it's step 2, on a 10 year plan to become leaders in online-animation.

Life is just one big UI

One of the most interesting lessons we learnt, is the difference in how the design and developer departments work, to achieve the same end results.

The designer is used to moving sliders about, changing the levels of things like 'opacity', 'fade in time', and dragging and dropping effects onto objects in a timeline. These UI's are mature now, with many years of development. It's a handy guide for where we want to be.

The developer, is used to a very different UI. Normally, it's a text editor, and the work is changing text, from value A to value B - to complete the same task.

One of the questions, we were constantly asking ourselves during the development process was:

What features do we give the user a control for? ..VS What features do we predefine how /feature name/ works?

There was a trade off between performance, under all circumstances, and ultimate control of every design feature possible.

Right now, we think we've struck a good balance. There are dozens of controls the user can edit, and dozens more design decisions we had to make, to ensure performance.

FYI Now, we're always MOBILE FIRST

Well, not at first. When we launched first time around, it was desktop-first. Now, and forever, it's going to be mobile first.

Working with Wix.

Rollover are official Wix App Market Partners, that means we're working really close with the team in Tel Aviv to make sure Rollover work's well with Wix, not against it. We're looking to plug the gaps in the Wix offering, making a product that seamlessly fits in and enhance the Wix user's experience.

What's Next?

Rollover 2, took 20 months to develop - during that time, we had to go through three cycles of Wix QA, and that gave our team time to get 2.1, and 2.2 prepped

In 2.1, you'll see...

  1. 6 Animated Text.

  2. 'Ken Burns' effects

  3. 4 Insane vertical transitions

  4. Support for looping video backgrounds from YouTube

  5. Unsplash intergration

In 2.2 You'll See :

  1. 6 more animated text styles

  2. Advanced Blur Effects

  3. 8 more effects in the Transition Pack 2

  4. Morphing dual-colour animated gradients

  5. A library of pre-designed animated SVG's to give even more uniqueness to your site

In 2.3 You'll See...

As soon as Wix build and make API's for their verticals, we'll be on it.

What about 5G

Now, here is where things start to get really interesting. When 5G becomes a commercial reality in 2020, the gloves are off. With data rate transfer at up to 100x that of 4g - full mobile animations, on par with native apps - might be possible. That means xbox One quality visuals, online... insane, style speed and clarity - 3D augmented reality, but served over the mobile network, in real time. Kinda hard to process as a concept right now, but for us.. it's where we're looking.

And what about PWA - (that's Progressive Web Apps btw)

Progressive web app. Where native apps meet the web in a HTML5 / JS React clash that is the future of this medium, We're trying to figure out a use case / need, implementation.. its all still no new, we've figured nothing out, and that's OK.

Are you the next big thing?

Good. We like confidence. If you're as good as you think, contact us and make an impact.

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