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Outside the workshops

Travelling across Europe to deliver Wix Workshops is one thing, but it's only a couple of hours out of a couple of days. It gives us a bit of time to take a look around the cities we visit, in this case, it was Amsterdam .

Amsterdam is known for, red lights and green haze, but it's much, much more than that. And step out three blocks outside the tourist trap surrounding the central station, and the full spectrum of dutch colour flood fills.

First up. Cheese.

I feel kinda dumb for not knowing cheese was such a big thing in Holland. But it is. Cheese shops are everywhere. And so, it's only right for our first photo to be ...

That's right. Multicoloured Cheese. I could have taken a ton of photo's in this shop, but I didn't want to seem odd.

Co-working Hotspots

Amsterdam has some hidden co-working gems. One of our workshops took place in the ultra-hip Thinking Hut. We loved it there.

Her Wix Life

We had the pleasure of speaking to a

Wix fan, by the name of Guru. You can read our interview with her on this blog, next time around.

It was off to We Work Metropool, for our second workshop of the week. This bustling city-centre spot was adorned with the type of motivational messages, we should all listen to.


Speaking of things we love

And after that was taken care of, it was time to explore a Sunny day in the Dam..

The classic Amsterdam Skyline. This frontage style and colour selection is everywhere you look

There's a few bronze statues that depict a time when the Dutch had colonial territory. Tsk.


We like details. It's the little touches around cities that catch our eye.

And this little guy, we found him in East Amsterdam. Free prize to whoever knows exactly where...

Want to attend a Wix Workshop?

Split, Croatia, April 10-12
Rome, Italy, May 9
Miami, USA, May 21-22
Cardiff. Wales June 12

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