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Rollover 3.Oh! is coming

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

In 2014, Rollover version one was released. In 2018, after two years of development, we updated to rollover 2, and now, in Q2 of 2019, it's time for another major update..

Why update so soon?

Well, turns out, users actually loved the simplicity of v1, but the feature set of v2. They didn't like the UX of v2, or some of the bugs that came when we switched over. For version 3, we have tried to bring simple back to the app.

Off with the clicks

On analysis, we noted that to complete a relatively simple effect, sometimes, users would need 20-30 clicks, to choose effect, edit, settings, preview, etc etc. This was actually a major problem and had to be resolved. Thanks to the hard work of our analysts, we have now cut click, by more than 50% in most cases.. Gone is a need to edit the text or image settings for both the start and end state, they automagically copy over for you!.

Mobile Priority

Rollover has always been a mobile-first app. But the settings were hard to find. Not any more. You can find all your mobile settings, in one handy tab.

Brand New Code Base

Things got a little messy behind the scenes. So we re-wrote everything to ensure maximum speed and minimal chance of CSS conflicts.

New Effects Packs.

Rollover 3 sees the launch of CoolTips and DistortionFX. CoolTips is a set of animated tooltip bubbles, triggered by either a text, an icon, or both, CoolTips allows you to make tooltips - that are cool!

Distortion FX is a new way to mash up photos into each other. Slick, dare I say it.. also sick.


How to get Rollover 3, free for one year....?

Join the Public Beta. The Public Beta runs from April 1- May 1.

All beta testers will receive a 12 month subscription to Rollover, completely free of charge,. Amazing.

To join the beta, email us here

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