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Six Big changes for Rollover 3

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The last six months have seen us rip up Rollover2, with six major changes and one hundred minor ones.

Before the big reveal...

Let's explain what happened. Rollover 2 was designed to be an advanced image effects editing tool. It had 12 new effects, and dozens of new features.

Problem was, it became overcomplicated. What should have been done in a snap, took a minute, and with so many variables, there was a risk for errors - and that's what happened

Sorry about that.

What's new in Rollover 3.oh!

  1. Updated the Tab names - Effects is now ‘Presets', Design is now Customise’ ....making it much easier to get a great result quickly

  2. Reduced the number of clicks required to get same result - typically by over 50% - for example., all settings in Start state, now auto fill the end state, ie. font styles and image choice. (these can be edited independently also)

  3. Redesigned the UI, extensively using switches to show and hide edit controls 

  4. We have gone through the existing app, line by line, and de-bugged 10+ edge case bugs which have probably contributed to the horrible churn 

  5. Officially launching 2 new effects packs

  6. Consolidated all mobile settings into one tab

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