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Sun, Sea and Start Up's in Split

It's almost time for the third stop of the European leg on our My Wix Life tour!

The choice of location, in our bid to connect with local Tech communities in European cities is ... Split, Croatia.

wip coworking - one of our workshop venues

Not an obvious choice, so why exactly are we tapping into Split?

1) It's a city on the brink of something great

Geography! Split is slap bang in the middle of Southern Europe, the sunniest side of the continent. The millions of tourists who flock annually, have encouraged speedy community growth, leading to an increased buzz for development around the city.

2) It's super supportive of it's Start Up community!

In 2017, Split Tech City was set up as a not for profit organisation to support and encourage Start Up growth in Split. The organisation runs free education, lectures and seminars to encourage people to pursue their dreams in the tech industry.

3) Croatian Start Up's are Solution Driven

The recognised start ups in Croatia, according to are:

Travelling by bus made easy. GetByBus is a meta search and booking platform for bus tickets currently covering more than 40 European countries.

The best social marketplace in Croatia.

Madbarz like a personal trainer that personalises your workouts and leads you through workout sessions you can do at home.

- Madbarz

We're visiting 3 co-working spaces during our visit to Split, sharing tips and promoting the tricks of the pro's, taking the standard Wix user to their own new level of creation!  

Find out more about what we discover in Split by checking out:

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