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Tech & Tourism in Split.

Split is one of those places you don't forget. Sun, sea, Mediterranean vibes, oh and a energetic start-up scene perfect for tech types.

On our recent trip, we met Mate - the manager of W.I.P (Work in Progress) and he told us about the growing start-up community in the city, and explained some of the reason's why Split could be the next Silicon Valley

WIP opened in 2016. Most of the people whop come here are international travellers on the Remote Year Digital Nomad program, and other users of the space are native to Split. "We have a lot of freelancers, and entrepreneurs that use the workspace,"he explained.

We're a hub in Split for the start-up scene, with many tech and design businesses working with us.

WIP Split - cool inside, and just steps from the med

WIP host Remote Year Groups. They tend to be founders of businesses of freelancers. and WIP welcome 30- 60 new people each month, and they blend in with the local community, and live in the city.

The beach-front venue has hosted had a few high profile events since opening including welcoming Google, Wix, and notably, Rimic Automobil, a company from Zagreb that make electric cars, and currently they hold the title of making the fastest electric cars in the world .

The Med's Silicon Valley

Mate continues: "There is a neat and well established Split tech scene, so its all about start-ups coming together, and now, we have a plan to connect Tech and Tourism here, and create a miniature silicon Valley here in Split."

"We're very happy that because of our promotional work, we are able to attract companies like Wix to our workspace.

And as we're learning, its helpful to involve the local authorities as there as many benefits for community.

Mate explained how the relationship has grown: "The support from the local government and community has grown. At first, they we're confused with the workspace and who and what it was for.

"We set up a meeting with our parent company, Remote Year, and the local government. We had a great meeting and were able to explain and demonstrate the economic benefits .

"They recognised the value, and we're now collaborating and working together

Make that trip, if you can

"If anyone has a chance to travel to Split, you should. It offers such a lot, and at WIP we have different packages for people who work in this more modern way.

"Were looking to build a nomad community, were in the EU, but outside of the Shengun zone, so with the combination of a good lifestyle and great weather means its attractive for many.

Learn more about W.I.P Split here.

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