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What makes this tick?

In late 2013, we began our journey down the road of app development,

Now, as the Spring of 2018 breaks, it's time to reveal what we've been working on.

Rollover 2, is the next generation of Wix animation.

Let's take a step back and look at Wix, and their relationship with animation and design. Right back from the start, it was build as a design-lead platform. Ten year ago, Wix utilised Flash, and enabled easy animations for all. That was a large part of the platform's appeal.

OK, so flash died, and so did the most of the animation abilities of Wix - for a while. And it was during that while, in 2013, that We Are Digital Vision were carving out a reputation for creating impressive Wix design.

Our design team noticed that hover effects, we're possible with native tools. There were some rudimentary gallery hover effects, but nothing that was in any way exciting.

We conceived the idea to create app that allowed Wix users to easily add hover, or Rollover effects to their sites.

The first app took a team of two, nine months to complete. With never-ending support from Yonaton Biri and his team in the Wix App Market, Rollover 1 launched on November 14, 214 and was an instant hit.

The app was included in the Best of the Wix Apps 2014 and has enjoyed steady growth since then. and Rollover has been added to over 350,00 Wix sites, averaging around 400 new users each and every day.

Enough of the back story, what about Now?

Development work on Rollover 2 started in August of 2016, and now, (March 2018) our v2 app is in Cycle 3 of the Wix QA Technical review. This means it's very, very close.

What's so good about this app then?

We like to think of Rollover as a design tool that enables you to make Wix sites #evenmorestunning

There's a lot it can do, and a lot more to come. We've restructured the way all the effects work, and figured out alllllll the really really hard stuff surrounding web animation, and cross browser support.

The team here really are amazing, and we're all pulling in the same direction. We want to constantly amaze ourselves every day, and find ways to bring the best new web animation techniques into Wix. With Rollover 2, this is happening.

Honestly, we couldn't be more excited.

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