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When In Rome!

It's already time for the next stop of our My Wix Life tour and we're heading to ancient Rome... And it's not for the pizza, pasta, gelato and wine what so ever ;)

Although ancient in history, the start up and tech scene in Rome is far from that!

Rome nurtures talent straight out of university. Universities foster innovation through a variety of accelerator programs and independent initiatives, such as Pi campus, a seed fund that invests in talent.

5 top start ups in Rome:


An app that converts speech to text in real time, allowing people with hearing impairments to make phone calls.


A platform that lets companies distribute HTML5 games through web channels rather than via app stores. WINEOWINE

An online wine club and e-commerce company provides subscribers with wine from local independent winemakers. How very Rome!


A resonance tool that monitors people’s behaviour across devices and apps to personalise their experiences


A company that produces portable devices, such as its Lignum VR controller, for mobile virtual reality

Top Roma tip from the locals:

"Choose a vespa over public transport! It's far more enjoyable and a lot more reliable!"

We can't wait to absorb ourselves into the Roma tech scene. To take part in our Rome workshop, click here for details and to sign on.


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